A little party for the new year and our 4th birthday. We made a little dance in tribute to Moscow from Dschinghis Khan.
We wish we can dance together for a long time ๐Ÿ™‚ !

kiupe_mia This is how we party in our new office!

Work in progress


Math Mathews is becoming a cartoon!

Sea, tropical beach, coconuts, and pirates. This summer, and for many months to come, we are working on this new Math Mathews projet and we are very excited! So this is a 20×3′ web series where Mathews and his rival Buck must collaborate to reach the temple of Sylla, the goddess that cursed them. This […]



Panache Expedition : adventures on the shores of the Channel

Panache Expedition is our last serious game. It is commissioned by the Agency for Marine Protected Areas. In Panache Expedition, you will discover the marine protected areas and help a team of experts to protect the Channel environment through 5 different missions. Take a look at this Armageddon-like trailer made by our friends at Big […]


Discover our new game : Run, SuperDolphin!

Run, SuperDolphin is our new game, launched in Nov. 2014 on Apple Appstore!

All you have to do is jump. And do NOT fall into space!