Math Mathews Fractions : designing backgrounds

While we are working on Mathews Fractions, we want to share some artworks with you. We have prepared some previews on the work we have been doing on the backgrounds.

Reading time: 1 min

In this new game, we have chosen go 2D side scrolling.There is an orthographic perspective, and we have added a nice parallax effect : elements that are closer to the camera move faster.

Parallax scrolling was nice back in the days of Amiga 500. It’s still cool to have it in your game, don’t you think?

Here are some assets we have created to build our levels:

These are made by the Ptots, an aggressive tribe protecting the island from pirates like you!

The island of Sylla is an ancient one.

A lot of jungles in the island, so we have made a lot of trees and plants!

Day/night cycle

The 12 levels last for more than a full day.
Here is how the variations of day light look like.


Levels end up in an old temple where you will have to solve a problem. This is how Sylla want it, so you can’t reach to her treasure if you have not learned how fractions work, right?

We hope you like it so far. We will come back soon with more artworks!