Video games for education

Students are also players

We create tools to empower teachers, and video games to engage kids in learning. Our productions foster curiosity, experimentation, and social interactions, creating an experience for teachers, students and their parents.

The Intrinsic power of games

Pleasure of learning

We design game situations that require competences from the curriculum. While the feeling of learning itself is a powerful source of satisfaction, combined with playing, it becomes even more engaging.

Social interactions

Each player has its own experience with a game. And he or she can share it with the other students. Many collaboration opportunities around game are therefore possible, even with single player games.


Each player is unique. Games must face this diversity and offer inclusive experience, for all kind of students, anywhere, anytime.

Always on our mind


We design games from the players perspective. We love co-designing with kids, and teachers, to have a good understanding of all the educational issues.


Edtechs cannot be black boxes. We give full control to educators on our games and platform, so they can integrate them in their classroom.


We work with research labs to increase the impact of our games on learning. We gather talents from many fields to create an environment propitious to innovation.

Our scientific board

Amélie Cordier

Amélie is Chief Scientific Officer at Hoomano, a company creating tools and software for interaction robots. Amélie is an expert in the field of AI and has worked for over a decade in a research lab.

Danielle Scheier

Danielle is a mathematic professor with many rewards from the french Ministry of Education. She is an expert in didactic and has trained many mathematic teachers during her career.

Monique Ducroux

Former teacher in many different grade, from Preschool to K6, Monique was a pioneer in digital experimentation in her classroom. Monique is now a trainer for teachers in the use of digital tools in the classroom.

Dorie Bruyas

Dorie is the head of an organisation called “Fréquence écoles” that designs projects in media literacy. Speaker and instructional designer, Dorie has been organizing major events on education.