Edumix, 3 days to hack education

After the famous Museomix events, we had the chance to participate to the first Edumix, organized by Erasme from Feb. 10th to 12th in a high school, Elsa Triolet, in (...)

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After the famous Museomix events, we had the chance to participate to the first Edumix, organized by Erasme from Feb. 10th to 12th in a high school, Elsa Triolet, in Vénissieux.

3 days to imagine a new high school

Edumix is a creative sprint gathering various people : teachers, designers, entrepreneurs, researchers… to (re)imagine how to learn and what is this place we call highscool. Teams have 3 days to think of a new way of learning and living in highschool. What teams have to do is think, collaborate, iterate and create to propose a prototype on the third day… Secretly hoping to see this idea coming to life, for real.

The library board while we work : use case, sketches of the new building and features of the app.

Collective intelligence: let’s think together!

Edumix is not a conference. You have to act!

Our team totally focused (and a bit tired?).

Teams are spontaneously created, knowing one obligation: each team must include 6 different profiles : teachers, designers, citizens… and a facilitator, who acts as a game master. This is one of the interesting element of the mix. You have to work with complete strangers: is it going to fit? Different personalities, with different viewpoints on “young people”, education, digital technology, have to work together during 3 days. Strange, huh? But 3 days is not a long period of time. You have to work together to be able to show your prototype on the last day.

Highschool in the future

Why do we have to change anything?

Highschool has not changed a lot for 20 years… Whereas a lot of questions are raised in companies about well-being at work, fulfilment and sense of belonging, we have to notice that there is still work to do in highschools where our students live and work.

The ring seems agressive, walls are empty from any decoration, furniture is the same than when we were kids… Students talk about material and organizationnal issues (short lunch tome, no locker for sport bags…) and about great projects they are proud of, like a vegetable garden they manage during an entire yearschool.

Our project

Definitely a new highschool.

Our team wants to “break rythms” and we imagine how highschool could be in the future. This is a made to measure higschool : no more classes, no more competition. When kids arrive to highschool, they have 4 years to acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills. Each student has a pace, and it is no longer a problem. Some will go faster, so what? Learning is a personal path.

This is a new highschool, as kids aged 14 years old can work in a small group with a kid 2 years younger. When we introduce this idea to the students, it raises a lot of questions : what can we learn from younger kids? Is this still highschool? Is learning all about learning math and english?

When highschool begins, thanks to an app, kids can choose projects to work on according to their center of interests. They work in small groups of 5, with a teacher dedicated to the group. Mornings are dedicated to fundamental learning, and afternoons are booked for projects achievements.

The app stands for school reports and parent communication log.

So what?

Imagining is great. But now, when do we start to act?

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