Math Mathews tackles fractions!

After multiplication tables and mental arithmetic, Captain Mathews is taking on a new mathematical concept: fractions!

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After multiplication tables and mental math, Captain Mathews is taking on a new mathematical concept: fractions!

Once upon a time, when Mathews was human…

The story of Math Mathews fractions takes place before the two other games and the animation series: Mathews lands on the Island of Sylla to steal the fabulous treasure of the goddess… We discover a still human Captain Mathews, fighting against the Ptots (hostile people living on the Island of Sylla), and overcoming, thanks to his mathematical skills, many obstacles… 😉

A new collaboration

This new game has been the opportunity to start a new collaboration with Marie-Line Gardes from Université of Lyon 1, senior lecturer science of education (specialized, of course, in mathematics) and with Jérôme Prado, researcher in neurosciences.

We share this will to create a video game that can get kids to tackle this really complex notion fractions is.
Here is what you can find in the game :

  • 12 levels for a lot of learning situations
  • 12 learning modules so kids can approach the notion from different perspective, and, thanks to the different variations we have for each of them, learn in a progressive way
  • – Exploration, combats, and the duel between Mathews and Buck, that, as we know, will not end up well for them…

Math Mathews Fraction will be available by the end of the year 2017