Eiwee is our first music game, and is coming soon

Eiwee is an educational music game we have been working on for some time, and it's time to reveal what this is about!

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It all started a few years ago during a week end in Italy

In the region of Liguria, there is this charming village where, they say, artists come to find some inspiration. This is Barjado.

There, we had an epiphany: we had to create a game for learning music!

Back home we contacted 2 music teachers to work with them and we quickly agreed that learning how to read a score or too much theory is not useful, especially if we target young music learners.

So here we are, working on our music game, inspired by these games we love, but with a slight difference compared to most music games we know: in Eiwee, we play music by listening, not following a visual timeline. This is the essence of music and it has been driving the production of the game since day 1 and the very first game concepts.

After a lot of prototypes and tests we are proud and happy to show and tell you a bit more about our game.

Playing and learning music

Eiwee is a musical playground in which you can freely explore and discover the musical concepts of the curriculum at your own pace.

There are many inhabitants in town proposing a musical activity. Some will challenge you, some will teach you something and some will want to play a little jam with you. Once you are ready you can even have a concert in the concert hall!

The game will be released this autumn on iOS.
More information on the official website of Eiwee.