Math Mathews fractions: when Buck and Mathews were humans

In this new game of the Math Mathews universe, the two rivals are not cursed yet. So let’s see how these characters look like.

We’ve had a lot of pleasure creating the story of Buck and mathews fighting each other to be the most successful pirate. After a new fight in an old tavern, they lay down a challenge for stealing the cursed treasure of Sylla…

Mathews and Buck

We had to use the original character-designs there. Mathews as an octopus and Buck as a gorille would now be human. So here is how they look like!

Mathews, little but brave pirate, that likes shiny things

Buck, a lot of muscles and a lot of anger

Let’s animate

Mathews was the character we had worked on the most. He is the one you play with after all. So there are a lot of these little animations.

Some of the animations used in dialogs and cutscenes

Mathews, fighting critters with his sword

Bonus : ptots

As we might expect, the island of Sylla is not a desert one, and its inhabitants are not going to welcome you…

That’s all for now. In the next episode we will show you more about the gameplay.