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  • How a band of pirates can help kids love math - Math Mathews is coming back this year with 2 projects in production. Let's talk about how this Captain and his fellows get us engaged into loving math!
  • Game design workshop for kids: let’s create games together! - As a game studio it is always pleasant to get out and meet the crowd. We have been organizing workshops for a couple of years with kids and families. We get them designing games. Here is what we have learned so far.
  • Math Mathews is becoming a cartoon! - Sea, tropical beach, coconuts, and pirates. This summer, and for many months to come, we are working on this new Math Mathews projet and we are very excited! So this is a 20×3′ web series where Mathews and his rival Buck must collaborate to reach the temple of Sylla, the goddess that cursed them. This [...]
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We create games for kids. We love adventure, magic, ghosts, and everything extraordinary!

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  • Panache Expedition

    Saving the Channel with these

    Select the best experts and send them on the shores of the Channel. This little game introduces Panache, an european project that gathers different scientists.

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