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We create video games based on official curricula and latest scientific research. But mostly on what kids like!

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We lean on technical innovation, research on didactics and cognitive science to achieve our main challenge: create game that foster and support learning.

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From our blog

  • Eiwee is our first music game, and is coming soon - Eiwee is an educational music game we have been working on for some time, and it's time to reveal what this is about!
  • Codesign, schoolbag & breaktime - For a future game we have made a codesign workshop in a second grade classroom. That was an intense experience (spoiler: we survived) that we are sharing with you.
  • Video games are the new EdTech - Learning with games is quite an old idea, and educational video games are the natural children of this tradition. But what does the educational game sector look like, especially if we take into account the growing EdTech market?

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