Last projects

  • superdolphin

    Run, Superdolphin!

    Run and do not fall into space! Time is counted and you have to go as far as possible! A crazy mobile game available on Apple Appstore. Discover the preview

  • nespresso

    Nespresso Serious Game

    Interactive design and artistic direction for this serious game dedicated to internal training. Created in collaboration with LaCompany.

  • youngpunx

    The Young Punx

    Online communication for this electro music group from London. Design of MP3 and CD covers.

Our world

  • kilubu-town


    Welcome to the best village ever! This is the place you have always dreamed of : have fun!

    en coursicon-kilubu-ghost icon-kilubu-potion

  • math-mathews

    Math Mathews

    Turned into an octopus and a gorilla, Captain Mathews and his long-time rival Hector Buck have to cooperate to break this curse. A great story for kids about pirates and math!

    icon-mm-multiplication icon-mm-mental-math


Serious games, video games, mobile apps, web games : games are our job! We design and produce your game projects.

Game design, code, artistic direction, illustration… Let’s talk about your future games!


Vanessa Kaplan

Associate Director

Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three.

Vanessa is guided by a strong vision and the development of the brand. She leaves nothing to chance and offers the team an environment in which creativity can flourish!


Charlie Toqué

Artistic Director

We all go a little mad sometimes.

Charlie loves crazy graphic environments, and he is Kiupe’s chef to recommend the best donuts and burgers in town. If someone is aptly named here, that’s him!


Sébastien Malicet

Technical Director

– I’m a man!
– Well, nobody’s perfect!

Some of us work in the shadows, like Seb. He loves finding the most effective solutions to achieve the job, creates great tools for the team to work in harmony and is our Game of Thrones’ expert.


Utku Kaplan

Creative Director

Georges, you did not jump in the river! How sensible of you!

Having acquired great digital creation skills, Utku now wants to create fantastic interactive projects in Kiupe, i.e video games!

Let’s get in touch!