Math Mathews Fractions

Cut your problems by half... with your sword!

Designed with educational scientists, Math Mathews Fractions mixes adventures, pirates and… fractions in an immersive universe. The perfect balance between action and thinking aimed to help K12 understand the principles and applications of fractions !

Captain Mathews invites you on a brand new adventure!

Math Mathews Fractions is a fun adventure game designed for children ages 9 to 12 that packed full of swashbuckling pirates and learning about fractions! Designed in collaboration with a team of researchers from the Marc Jeannerod Institute of Cognitive Sciences (Lyon)

Main Features:

  • an adventure game: pirates, puzzles, treasures and fun!
  • twelve levels to discover
  • twelve different modules that cover all of the concepts relating to fractions
  • an app without any pop-up advertisements or in-app purchases!

Includes Mathematical Concepts

(in connection with the Common Core Standards)

  • Making connections between different representations of fractions
  • Using fractions to split quantities
  • Using fractions to measure quantities
  • Using fractions to show ratios/proportions
  • Identifying fractions on a number line
  • Placing fractions on a number line
  • Identifying equivalent simple fractions
  • Comparing two simple fractions
  • Ordering fractions
  • Adding fractions with the same denominator
  • Solving word problems using simple fractions