About Kiupe

We create games for kids.
Games to be amazed with. Games that encourage curiosity. Game for understanding the world. Games for progression.
Maybe games that are not only for kids after all!

Fueled with imagination

Pirates seeking treasures, sorcerers creating magic potions or ghost hunters… hunting ghosts!
We always start by creating a universe with appealing characters, unusual places and fun stories!


What if we took pleasure learning?


At Kiupe, we think the driving force of this pleasure is exactly what games can propose: exploration, collaboration, reflection, and a good scenario.

In our games, we imagine learning situations in which the player engages and progresses in an autonomous and active way, meeting difficulties and learning how to overcome them.
His progress are tracked and he can follow his evolution in the educational program.


Developing with experts

We are not doing this by ourselves. We build up the appropriate team to assist us on each game : teachers, educational engineer, speech therapists, experts… And do you know better experts than kids themselves? We organize workshops with them at each stage of the creation of your games: design, review, test, etc.

By the way, when do we stop being a kid?

We don’t know
What we know is that childhood is probably the best moment of our life
And we think that playing allow us to keep being a child all of our life!


The team

Have we told you that our job is to design and produce video games? We are doing this for many years now, but it’s been said that games help you stay young so… we look young!


Vanessa Kaplan

Game & pixie dust producer

Vanessa is guided by a strong vision and the development of the brand. She leaves nothing to chance and offers the team an environment in which creativity can flourish!


Charlie Toqué

Magical picture creator

Charlie loves crazy graphic environments, and he is Kiupe’s chef to recommend the best donuts and burgers in town. If someone is aptly named here, that’s him!


Sébastien Malicet

Game mechanics wizard

Some of us work in the shadows, like Seb. He loves finding the most effective solutions to achieve the job, creates great tools for the team to work in harmony and is our Game of Thrones’ expert.


Utku Kaplan

Story & interactivity alchemist

Having acquired great digital creation skills, Utku now wants to create fantastic interactive projects in Kiupe, i.e video games!