It’s time to sail off

Kiupe is now shut down

7 years ago, we founded our studio believing that every kid should have access to a good education.
And we stroved to find a way to engage every kid in learning : kids who have some difficulties, and kids who feel different, etc.

We think that video game is the perfect medium for engaging kids. We definitely know that the perfect recipe is not easy to find, because this is still a new territory and everything needs to be imagined. But we stayed focus on what was important to us : creating educational video games, with funny, imaginative and inclusive worlds, backed by a strong collaboration with research labs.

We decided to rely on technical innovation, and had the chance to collaborate with talented researchers, who trusted us and shared our vision. We were lucky to work with teachers who believed in our projects and shared their thoughts about the way games could be played in classrooms.

Today, this is the end.
We have decided to shut down Kiupe, and put an end to a project we truly believed in.

These 7 years were quite extraordinary for the 4 of us. We want to thank every person who shared our road and supported us.

Vanessa, Utku, Seb, Charlie