Math Mathews Fractions is freshening up on iOS and is landing on Android!

Lots of good news today: Math Mathews Fractions is getting up to date on iOS thanks to the feedbacks we got from researchers and teachers we are working with ; and it is finally coming on Android in his latest version!

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Researchers and teachers have been using Math Mathews Fractions on iOS for some time now and we already have many feedbacks from them!
We have published an update of the application with some improvements:

  • A new level-design, making learning more progressive throughout the levels.
  • The activity of the Hungry Dragon now consists in cutting a totem instead of a fruit. This allows perfectly equal parts which improves the understanding of the associated pedagogical concept. (it was harder to have a good perception of equal parts with a pineapple for example)
  • In the trapped passage module, it is now possible to move the plugs already installed – and therefore to correct its errors
  • Many bugs have been fixed.
  • The application size has been optimized (about one twelfth).

Get the game on the App Store here.

Good news never come alone, so we take this opportunity to also announce the official release of Math Mathews Fractions on Android!
The game, with all these improvements, is now available on the Google Play Store.

A big thanks to those who has helped us to improve the game with their feedbacks!